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Wednesday, May 10, 2023


Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Shinyribs show originally scheduled for Saturday, April 15 has been postponed to Wednesday, May 10th. All tickets to the original date will be accepted on May 10th. Please contact your point of purchase for more information.


Shinyribs defies genres as a sonic melting pot of Texas Blues, New Orleans R&B funk, horn-driven Memphis Soul, country twang, border music, big band swing, and roots-rock. The Austin-based nine-piece (sometimes 10-piece) supergroup is led by Kevin Russell, the charismatic frontman with colorful suits and extravagant shoes who continuously swaps out an electric guitar for a ukulele and never falls short of creating a cinematic experience with onstage antics that often include him donning a light-up cloak or leading a conga line through the crowd.

“Sweetening,” the first single from the latest album Late Night TV Gold, is a different subject matter for Russell, “I don’t write a lot of love songs. But when I do they are sweet as hell. This one came pure from the spigot of my stupid romantic heart. The golden rays of light shining down through the wet magnolias onto a plate of peaches; the first rain after a long drought. Nothing like falling in love. If they could bottle it I am sure we would make laws against it.”

Late Night TV Gold is filled with Caribbean organs, verbed-out distant delay vocals, chunky fatback guitars, dance hall horns, trip-trap, soul-tap, boldface bass, mellotron traced, late-night rhythms, -isms and -gasms, prisms, schisms, and chasms, this’ems and that’ems of molecular musical atoms splitting hairs and lost heirlooms.