The Espee Plaza & Pavilion

ABOUT The Espee Plaza

If you are looking for a beautiful, multipurpose outdoor space to host an event, The Plaza is the venue for you. This space can be used for an endless number of events and party size combinations, and can also be booked alone or in conjunction with any of our other venues for an indoor and outdoor event. 

Featuring hanging twinkling lights, cinematic views of the San Antonio skyline and St. Paul Square, and open concept scenery of all The Espee grounds, The Plaza is sure to enlighten and invigorate any event. The size of the Plaza is approximately 7,500 sq. ft.

Espee Plaza as a venue for outdoor events

ABOUT The Espee Pavilion

If you are looking for an amphitheater-style venue with a wide stage and ample seating, The Espee Pavilion is the space for you. This is the perfect place to host a concert, a showcase, and even a festival-style event. The vast open concept of this venue is available to an endless number of event layouts and decor, many of which can provide for an intimate experience with the event headliner.

The Espee Pavilion is accommodating to the following range of event party sizes:








Corporate Concert

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